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As can be expected, there aren't many people around the world who rally Beetles competitively, whether it be in Historic or Modern events.

The last Beetle to be homologated for motorsport was the Fusca, made in Brazil. The homologation, as per normal, ran out 5 years after they stopped making Fuscas, so the last time a Beetle could be entered in a WRC event was RAC Rally of Great Britain in 1991. This car was built by Francis Tuthill, well-known in historic rallying circles. It was driven by his son Richard, and finished the rally, although at the back of the field. That achievement is more than can be said for most of the modern rallycars entered on the event!  For more information, click here

You can still use Beetles in national championships if you like, and you just need to check which class best suits how you want to build your rally car