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Rally Modifications

This page will focus on those modification made to VWs to help them in rallying.

Jacking Point Guard

(this is a large image)

Dry sump tank

The jacking point guard in situ. Another view of the dry sump tank

Front beam strengthening bars Fuel tank

Image of axle strengthening on a link-pin Beetle Second view of the fuel tank

Image of axle strengthening on a ball-joint Beetle Rear skid plate

Front skid plate The Porsche Salzburg cylinder head on the left compared to a stock one
Exhaust silencer protection plate A Porsche Salzburg head before and after being ported and polished
Sump guard The dry sump oil pump in situ

The above photos link to larger shots of the Salzburg engine case

The thermostat-oil filter adaptor
The Sauer & Sohn carburettor manifold and Weber 46 IDA 3 carburettor
The dry-sump pump

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