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Starr found the car at the wreckers. He always wanted a '76, because in Australia it has the traditional torsion bar front suspension, the double-jointed rear end. He basically stripped the car, pulled it totally apart and did a full ground-up rebuild after taking the body back to bare metal. He has kept the body stock with the original guards etc.

The gearbox is fully rebuilt with a lower 3rd gear and he has just had an LSD fitted, which he hasn't tried yet.

The engine had a new case, berg 69mm counterweighted crank, bigger Gene Berg oil pump, twin 45 Dellortos, bigger SS valves, 1.25:1 ratio rockers and a K8 cam. The engine has an external deep sump, oil filter and an oil cooler with an electric fan mounted above the gear box. He has 42mm merged extractors and twin electric fuel pumps running through the original fuel line.

The engine goes quite hard and will rev to 7000rpm although he usually limits it to 6000/6500rpm. The suspension has Konis all round with large sway bars front and back and he also had some 27mm torsion bars made up for the back end, because he was bottoming out on high speed dips. He started with Type 3 torsion bars but the bigger ones have worked well for the varied use the car gets.

Brakes are type 3 disks and drums.  He run metal brake lines, and Pagid pads and synthetic brake fluid and the car stops well from high speed. He runs 6 x 15 steel wheels and mag. wheels with 205/60 tyres, and has different tyres depending on the event.

Inside, he has a steel half roll cage, racing bucket seats and full harness belts.  The dash has the original speedo, a new tacho, oil pressure and oil temp gauge.

The car is an absolute ball to drive, but it is a bit noisy inside and the engine is not what you would call smooth. In terms of results, they have been running the car for about 4 years now and they have won a couple of minor events and usually end up at the pointy end of the field. In the East Coast rally, we were going quite well till we had a tyre deflate on the top of Mount Panorama, Bathurst (at the back of the race track) and ended up doing a high speed spin, about 450 degrees and ending up on our side. He will have the car back together soon, and it will be ready for next years event.