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Lyndon Wilson is the proud owner of two rally Beetles - a '57 and the '68 pictured above.  The cars were built for the 1986 State Bank Discovery Trial, in South Australia. This event covered 7,000km in 10 days. Both cars survived the event, with the '68 having a major front-end difference of opinion with a railway line, whilst the '57 was over-engineered, and hence struggled with the weight. Neither car has been rallied since.

Lyndon is currently restoring the '68 to, in his words, 'explore' local back roads and to enter rallycross-type events. His family has been involved with VW motorsport in Australia since the 1950s, with his father having worked for VW Distribution until retirement, competing in many trials, including the 1970 Round Australia Trial.

© Lyndon Wilson