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Jim Dowle and co-driver Chris Gardner (Team 5112 - the Turbo Nutter Bstards) bought this 1983 1200 Mexican Beetle for entry into the 2005 Plymouth-Dakar Challenge, a charity run from Plymouth in South-West England to Banjul on the Gambian coast in Africa. There are only 5 rules:

1) Competing cars must cost less than £100

2) Rally preparation costs must be no more than £15

3) Once underway, there will be normal formal assistance from the organisers

4) All of the vehicles that reach Gambia must be handed over to the Challenge Control Group to be auctioned under controlled conditions in aid of local Gambian charities

5) All vehicles must be left-hand drive (as The Gambia is a LHD country)

The car made it fine, and was sold at auction for £820 (with the 30 other cars, the total reached was £28,000!)

Congrats to the lads!

© Jim Dowle