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FIA Homologation Papers

Once you have sent off your cheque to the National Sporting Authority, it's just a matter of waiting for them to forward the request to the FIA in Switzerland.  Then, once they've had a while to think about it, they send them back to your Authority, to send to you.

If you want to do this, then don't do like me and send off a cheque covering the 1302 and 1303, as there is only one set of papers (the '03 is just amendments to the '02).  The MSA here in the UK sent me a cover note for the missing document, so that I can purchase something from them again.  (Boo, hiss!!)

The following thumbnails link to the appropriate full-size image of the homologations papers (sorry about the quality, scans of photocopies don't come out very well!)

Dry Sump System

Gearbox and ratios

Porsche parts for fitting the 914 gearbox

Under-floor protection

Width differences

Strut Brace

1303 Dashboard changes

Thanks to Steven Smith in Oregon, below are the FIA papers for the 1964 1200 Beetle.



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