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Building a RallyBug


If you want to build a replica of the Porsche Austria bugs, then it will take at least the following:

Part Suppliers? Price?
1302S or 1303S (1973 only)    
Roll Cage Safety Devices  (GB + USA links)  
Fire Extinguishers etc Demon Tweeks (GB)  
Limited Slip Diff Quaife  (GB) 500 + VAT & Del.
914 Gearbox Mittelmotor (D) DM2250
Gear Ratios (VW) Custom Speed Parts  (D)  
  Gene Berg (USA)  
Gear Ratios (914) Power Haus II (USA)  
Solex 40 PII Carbs Reichert Tuning  (D)  
Coil Springs Coil Springs (1989) Ltd 72 + VAT any spec required

Bilstein shock absorbers

Appropriate gear ratios for whichever box you decide to fit

Dry sump system, with Porsche 911S thermostat


Now the 'hen's teeth' parts!:

Weber 46 IDA/2 carbs - as fitted to Porsche 904 Carrera GTS!

85.9mm Pistons & Cylinders - anyone know where you can get this oversize???

Oil cooler - differences of opinion, either from a Porsche 908 or Mercedes-Benz 250 SE.


you could study your own country's rally rules and regulations, and put together a bug to meet them.  This could be very expensive, but also very, very impressive!!

Can you imagine the response you'd get with a 2.5 litre tricked out Beetle?




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