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November 1974


Five Speed Boxes in Beetles

We have received more than a few enquiries about fitting five speed boxes into Beetles. We would remind reader that the very successful Porsche Austria 1302S rally cars were fitted with Porsche five-speed transmissions ans Jacques Mertens in Belgium has now sent us a copy of the official FIA/CSI Homologation papers for this modification.

The actual transmission used was from the 914/4, part no. 914.300.012.13 (this is a Porsche part number). In order to suit it to the VW, the following special parts were used:

>Shift Housing 901.301.031.12
Oil Seal 900.112.001.50
Shift Rod 901.303.141.02
Shift Rod 901.303.132.11

The gear ratios were as follows:

1st Gear 3.091 5th Gear 0.710
2nd Gear 1.889 Reverse 3.127
3rd Gear 1.261 Final Drive 1:4.429
4th Gear 0.926