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This website would not have been possible without the help and permissions of:

Ken Green Safari Rally story and various photos (marked KG)
Michael Gronemann Modern Austrian rally photos (marked MG)
Jerry Winker Modern US Rallying photos
Dave Long and Phil Matthews Antarctica 1 story
Dennis Wende Thunderbird Rally photos
Robert Clayson Super Beetle Rallycross Pictures
Mikko Henta 1970s Finnish Rallying photos
Franz Kern Austrian Championship photos
Christian Arzberger Austrian rally photos
Udo Frey Historic Monte 2002 photos www.914-sport-ig.de
Martin Übelher Picture captions and the dry sump system
Lyndon Wilson '68 State Bank Discovery Trial car
Willy Berg '64 Spa-Sofia Liege car
David Ellis Photos of Denis Chizma's car
Mike Hally Bob Beales on the 2000 Robin Hood
Jeremy Coulter @ Carnet.co.uk 2002 World Cup Rally photos
Uch Perazza 1968 Semi-auto rallying in Australia





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