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This web site is dedicated to the various Volkswagen Beetles used in rallying, whether it be international, national or just plain clubman.

As time goes by, I shall be attempting to find as much information as possible, and would welcome any information, photos, anecdotes, etc from people involved in the area, and of course fellow enthusiasts.

For my particular favourites, the 1302S and 1303S cars that Porsche Austria ran in European rallies from 1971 until 1973, I have been able to find some of the information from the official FIA homologation papers for the 1302S (which includes the 1303S) - you too can order this information by contacting your country's ASN (for the UK this is the MSA). There will probably be a small charge for this (currently £35 in the UK).

To find your ASN (National Sporting Authority in French!), go to www.fia.com.

A lot of the black and white photographs came via Porsche Austria in Salzburg, who were kind enough to photocopy them from a book on the cars. Unfortunately, they were unable to provide any further information concerning the specification used.

A great DVD of the Salzburg Beetles has been produced by the Austrian Helmut Deimel, including lots of original film, and interviews with most of the names from Porsche Salzburg history. You can buy the DVD from his website here - currently, it costs €24.90 plus shipping, and has both German and English narration - a must buy!

New information received:

Hartmut Ries' 1971 1302

Jussi Jyränkö's Karmann-Ghia

Tomi Marttelin has contacted regarding the Air-Cooled Rally Series held in Finland

John & Mark Huebbe won the 2WD class of the Rally America event at WRC Mexico 2012

Emmanuel Devic & Christophe Toubert's 1961 VW1200

Sam Furnier's 1303S

Patrick & Christine Sommer's Karmann Ghia

Bob Beales' VW 1200, 1300 and 1500S

Jo Viggo Buås' Beetle

Peter Harrold's rallycross Beetle

Matthew & John Keeler's 1959 Beetle

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